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The Riverton Football Club is a sporting icon in Riverton. The club was established during the expansion of Perth through the South-east corridor. In this period, the suburban areas of Ferndale, Parkwood, Lynwood and Thornlie were developed. Many new residents were from overseas and as the population increased the demand for sporting activities for the children in the area also increased.

The club was the genesis for the establishment of other clubs in the area including Rostrata and Rossmoyne.

The club developed teams from Year 4 through to colts grades during the 1960s and 70s with significant success, becoming well known for its on-field ability and social events which were designed to engage the community and its youth.

The Club remains relevant to the community today engaging children from age 5 in the Auskick competition through to 17 year olds in Year 12.

The Club is affiliated with the East Fremantle Football District as part of the Western Australian Football Commission. The club complies with the bylaws established by the WAFC and received recognition for its compliance with these standards in 2012 when it was awarded ‘Champion Club’.

The club has had many servants who have provided guidance and executive management of the club on a volunteer basis. Many of its volunteers have been recognised as Life Members for services rendered to the club.

Players who achieved game playing milestones are also recognised by the club for their contribution to the club as Junior Life members.

In 2014 the Riverton Football Club celebrated its 50th anniversary in a gala event at the Bill Cole Centre. Past and present players and office bearers attended and three Life Memberships were awarded.


Junior Life Members
Thomas Dickson
James Grant
John Grant Jnr
Travis Grigg
Rohan Lilly
Kane Mitsopoulos
David Olivieri
Jesse O’Keefe
Joshua Parker
Craig Phelps
Ashley Taunt
Mitchell Clark
Ben Fox
Clayton Grigg
Andrew Grove
Damien Grove
Brent Johnson
Ryan Kilgour
Stephen McFarlane
Karl Kunze
Jeremy Perhavec
Ben Kunze
Lachlan Perhavec
Joe McKay
Senior Life Members
Mr Kevin Edgar
Mr Ken Ferguson
Mr Geoff Fogarty
Mr Graeme Giles
Mrs Marilyn Grant
Mr Paul Grigg
Mr Rob Hayward
Mr Neville Kiely
Mr Barry Lewis
Mr Jock McGowan
Mr Norm Mitsopoulos
Mr Max Nicholls
Mr Rex Nicholls
Mr Robert Parker
Mrs Alison Phelps
Mr Ron Phelps
Mr Peter Pyke
Mr Alan Richardson
Mr Ross Monger
Mr Ian Sharpe
Mr Alf (A.J.) Smith
Mrs Bet (B.R.) Smith
Mrs Kay Tames
Mr Vic Varischetti
Mrs Gloria Varschetti
Mr David Vodanovic
Mrs Carlene Wakefield
Mr Bob Perhavec
Mrs Jan Crooke
Mrs Lucy Hames
Mr Trevor Crooke
Mr Trevor Holford
Mr Barry Cable
Mrs Audrey Varischetti
Mrs Glenys Evans
Mr Alan Ahola
Mr Tom Cassidy
Mr Anthony Cassidy
Tim Hames
Max Staples
Michael Crooke
Josh Pitman
Samuel Evans
Jack Evans
Lachlan Allen
Josh Annison
Isaac Brown
Luke Gozzi
Life Members
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